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Biological characteristics

Biology of truffles

Truffles is ectomycorrhizas mushroom with undergound fruting bodies, usually are irregular round shape and flash structure. On surface of fruting body is outer shell, smoth or with wartilike protuberance. Vegetative form is micelium that consist of branchy thread-hyphae. A life begins with germinate spores which gives hyphes and continue with growth only if get contact with fine roots of a tree. Union of endings roots sistem and micelium is known as micoclena that gives a lot of hyphes going underground. That is helpful way for plant to get wather a more eficienty and minerals, and mushroom get’s a food (carbo-hydrates). Matureing under the ground truffles realese a smell that enable some anymals or insects to find him. Truffles is food for this species and they enable spreadings spores around the forest and new ciclus begin.

Truffle spreading

Truffles are very spread group of mushroom, optimal terms for life is between 40 and 50 degrees geografical wide.

Truffle classification

The main classification of truffles is by their colour on white with very smooth surface and black with wartlike protuberances on surface.

Truffle kinds

A dozen kinds of truffles have found at Serbia teritory and some of them are rated so highly by quality:
  • White truffle (T. magnatum)
  • Black autumn (T. macrosporum)
  • Black summer truffle (T. aestivum)
  • Winter truffle (T. brumale)