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New A - brood ready for sale!


Our males are available for mating.
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Lord - young male!
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ROYAL PET 2014 Sabac
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World dog show, Budapest 2013
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Our males are available for mating.


Dog Show Terminology

Exhibitor – A person who brings a dog to a dog show                  and presents it
Ring – fenced area where dogs are being judged
Handler – The person presenting the dog in
                 competition.

Dog Shows – What You Need to Know

Banned to compete in any dog exhibition, contest, or show are sick dogs, disabled dogs (crippled dogs) or dogs with testicular atrophy and also female dogs in heat... Read more >>

Preparing a Dog for a Dog Show

The dog needs to be worked with from an early age, while still a puppy (3 to 4 months of age). With a genetic predisposition, you can make the dog beauty or working champion… Read more >>

How to prepare for a Dog Show

If you properly submitted application forms for your dog (or dogs) to enter a dog show and you did it on time, the next step is preparation of the conditions for both the dog and you to feel comfortable at the show… Read more >>

First Aid for Sunstroke

We are witnessing sudden climate changes resulting in an increasing number of days with temperatures above average. Those changes affect people as well as animals including dogs… Read more >>

Dog Feeding

The first period of feeding is the suckling period, where the owner of the bitch, by feeding mother with food that is of good quality, is indirectly involved in caring about feeding puppies… Read more >>

Dog Hair Care and Hygiene

Lagotto is an ancient breed (VII century BC). Over the centuries it has evolved regarding its height and purpose, but one thing is sure, the hair has always been curly and long… Read more >>

Breeding Dogs

Problems in mating dogs can often occur (as a result of ignorance or intent). If all growers would comply with the prescribed rules, there would be no problem… Read more >>