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New A - brood ready for sale!


Our males are available for mating.
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Lord - young male!
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ROYAL PET 2014 Sabac
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World dog show, Budapest 2013
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Our males are available for mating.

Dog Show Terminology

Exhibitor – A person who brings a dog to a dog show and presents it
Ring – fenced area where dogs are being judged
Handler – The person presenting the dog in competition
PRM – Prima Junior / Junior Class Winner
CAC – (Certificat d'aptitude au Championnat (national)) – State (national) champion (championship) certificate, i.e.
            officially confirmed National Champion title
RCAC – Reserve Winner; national grading and awarded to the second best
CACIB – (Certificat d'aptitude au Championnat International de Beaute) – Certificate of Aptitude to the International
               Beauty Contest, i.e. officially confirmed International Beauty Champion title
RCACIB – Reserve (second best) on International Beauty Championship
BOB – Best of Breed – the best representative specimen of the breed (the most beautiful dog of its breed, regardless
            of its gender)
BOS – Best of Oposite Sex – the best dog that is the opposite sex to the Best of Breed winner
BOB BOG / BIG – Best of/in Group – the most beautiful dog in its FCI Group, Group Champion
BIS – Best in Show – the most beautiful dog in the show
R - (reserve) – Reserve – Second Best dog, Baby – title for babies, the youngest dogs
J – Junior; title for juniors, Veteran – title for veterans, ClubSieger / Club Winner – title for veterans
EW – European Winner; European Champion
WW – World Winner; World Champion
CH– Champion (National Champion, State Champion), INT.CH – International Champion

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