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Preparing a Dog for a Dog Show

The dog needs to be worked with from an early age, while still a puppy (3 to 4 months of age). With a genetic predisposition, you can make the dog beauty or working champion, but with a lot of work, love and sacrifice. You have to know one rule: "Champions are made, not born".
One of the initial rules of the socialization of the dog is to get him used to other dogs. You can do so by inviting friends who also have dogs to meet on a neutral ground. If it comes to puppy, you have to be careful not to let it stay with dominant dogs. Trauma experience can stay long in the dog’s memory and that will be shown on exhibitions. If a dog is such a temperament to always pay attention to other dogs, try to draw his attention to a toy, or by putting it in the cage on exhibitions.
Following rule – get a dog used to a leash, to walk by your side, not to take off the collar or leash, not to jerk and jump. Dog should be taught this from an early age. When it is done well, encourage it with "bravo" and give it sweets as a reward.
Also, dog must learn to allow a dental exam. This needs to be taught from an early age, slowly and gradually. The judge is obliged to examine your pet's teeth at shows, regardless of its class. While the dog is getting used to a dental exam, make sure you do not press its nostrils, so it cannot breathe. In that situation, the dog will scramble even though used to the dental exam. While you're in the ring, after all the judge asks the dog to do and it does it well, necessarily encourage it with "bravo" and possibly gently pat its neck.
Testicular examination – all the male representatives of the breed will necessarily have to go through this if they appear in the ring. The dog should be used to on that kind of touch from an early age, also slowly and gradually. That's something you cannot do roughly and unexpectedly, as most of the males react very violently. When a judge asks examination of the testicles –hold the dog on the leash close to the head with one hand, and the other hand put under its abdomen. The lack of a testicle is a disqualifying fault, i.e. defect.
The unwritten rule is that the dog doesn’t do its best on its first dog show, although while practicing at home, everything was fine. This is normal, everything is new to him, do not be angry, give him support, it is only temporary condition, you love it and cuddle it. Dogs are sensitive and do not know how to say something, but they but can express their feelings.
Finally, the dog must be clean and neat, regardless of the coat color. Bath the dog, use conditioner and the cosmetics of proven quality, but previously you or your groomer should groom the dog as the breed standard requires, with emphasis on the hair of the head, which is Lagotto’s trademark. Bath the dog at least two days before going to the ring and groom the dog two weeks prior to the show. If you own white specimen of the breed, you must do your very best in preparations for the exhibition because any omission will be visible and you will not be satisfied with the judge's assessment.

S. Komlenski

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