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How to Prepare a Dog for a Dog Show and What to Do on the Show

If you properly submitted application forms for your dog (or dogs) to enter a dog show and you did it on time, the next step is preparation of the conditions for both the dog and you to feel comfortable at the show.
This necessarily implies a water bowl and the dog cage (if you have one), but it is recommended that you get it in order to protect a dog from curious visitors and other dogs. Although, it is not necessary for this breed as they are not dangerous neither for dogs nor humans.
Bring enough water for the dog and for yourself, even though on most of the exhibitions access to water is provided.
Bring also mat for the dog (if it is outside the cage) a thin foam pad, towels to keep the dog of becoming dirty if the dog is of a bright colour, or to prevent the tiny hair grass to gather in dog’s hair.
Exhibitions are usually organized on a surface of grass with much of the surrounding greenery, but if your ring is not sufficiently protected (by nature) bring your umbrella or tent. Also bring folding chairs so you, as an exhibitor, can enjoy the show too. Also, bring a portable table where you can prepare the dog before entering the ring.
Get organized so you have enough time for everything – to arrive on time to the place where the exhibition is held, to park safely, to walk the dog, to let it drink water and to leak. Look for the "The Show Office" to check where your application is. Find your show ring, and make yourself comfortable. Do not go to the shows alone, in two (or more) is easier. Ask in the ring (the ring secretary or ring stewards) when is your breed’s turn for judging. On some shows it's written on boards next to the ring, but it happens that the judge does not comply with the order!
Exhibiting number – is with your judge’s report – take it from the Secretary of the ring and display it to be visible, on left sleeve or left side of the chest.
A dog should be prepared according to the show ring rules, and you (the exhibitor, handler) should look nice and neat. You and your dog should give the impression of a harmonious whole. Entering the ring will follow after the judge (the ring secretary, ring stewards) admonish you by your catalog number. The judges, as well as you, are expected to follow etiquette.
Upon entering the ring, the judge will greet you and ask how old the dog is. Then follows dental and testicular (for males) exam, placing the dog in exhibition position, walking (running in circles, diagonal parallel), or as required by the judge, then writing of the judge’s report.
All the time you are in the ring, try to stay quiet and calm as much as possible because your dog can sense you are nervous, no matter how hard you try to keep it to yourself.
If there are more than one dog in your class, while the judge is performing dental and other exams, you set your dog in the shade (if the show is outdoor), be with him, encourage him, cheer him in order to feel the support and confidence, especially if the dog is on its first show.
While you're in the ring, do what the judge requires from you. Certify the judge’s report in the office of the exhibition.
It will sometimes happen that you are not satisfied with the judge's assessment, but it must not be expressed in public, but behave in accordance with etiquette and thank the judge. If you are not satisfied with the judging, you believe that you are underestimated, you can contact the Complaints Commission orally or in writing.
After the official competition part of the dog show, let the dog out of the ring, let it walk, leak and drink water... Then you can go home or stay to participate in the review part of the exhibition.

S. Komlenski

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