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Our males are available for mating.

First Aid for Sunstroke

We are witnessing sudden climate changes resulting in an increasing number of days with temperatures above average. Those changes affect people as well as animals including dogs.
Lagotto is an ancient breed. They survived by adapting to various climates and weather conditions, they can endure cold and are able to stay for hours in ice-cold water, because hair structure, lack of lanolin, length as well as its density are helping them to maintain normal body temperature. Although, because of these characteristics you should take care to protect your dog in the summer days with tropical temperatures.
If your dog shows symptoms of sunstroke, you should react quickly. Put the dog in the shade or in a cool and airy room, with its head lifted up and wet its whole body with cold water! If this is done on time, the dog will recover, and in the next few days it should be spared of all activities and exposure to high temperatures. If you are late with the previously mentioned actions, the dog will fall into a coma and will not wake up!
Make sure you visit the veterinarian who will perform the necessary tests, diagnose medical condition and act accordingly.

S. Komlenski

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