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Our males are available for mating.

Dog Feeding

The first period of feeding is the suckling period, where the owner of the bitch, by feeding mother with food that is of good quality, is indirectly involved in caring about feeding puppies. Breastfeeding is important in puppy’s early life, so it is necessary to last as long as possible because there is no absolute substitute for bitch's milk. All artificial milk formulas are adequate bitch's milk replacements.
About 30 days after the birth of puppies they can be introduced to meat meals in adequate amount, and it is a start of quitting nursing. This period lasts until the 45th day after the birth. Before that time, whisked egg yolks, milk and honey can be added to puppy food.
What has worked well, when it comes to granulated food, is that bitch during pregnancy and lactation has been fed with the same starter for pregnant and lactating bitches, and that exact food puppies continue to eat after quitting nursing, so there is no substantial change in the basic structure of food from conception through pregnancy and lactation, and until puppies grow older (about 2.5 – 3 months).
From 3 to 9 months of age puppies have 3 meals a day, from 9 to 18 months 2 meals per day, and when they are 18 months and over 1 meal a day.
Weight of the meal is determined in accordance with the age and weight of the dog, but it can be adjusted according to the dog’s needs (show dog or working dog). Pet food manufacturers have progressed regarding new technologies, resulting in their own advantages and disadvantages. For our dogs granulated (dehydrated) food participate in one third of the meals and the other two thirds of the food we prepare ourselves, always fresh (heat treated), whether it comes to fish, chicken or beef, and occasionally with the addition of polenta.
Diet supplement can be, in small quantities and time periods, unrefined cold pressed vegetable oil and dried and pulverized egg shells. Beautiful dog is a healthy dog​​! And it is healthy if it eats healthy!

S. Komlenski

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