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Dog Hair Care and Hygiene

Lagotto is an ancient breed (VII century BC). Over the centuries it has evolved regarding its height and purpose, but one thing is sure, the hair has always been curly and long (CAN LAGOT – shaggy water dog). Because of these qualities (without lanolin), the coat is dry, with undercoat, it is thick and curly, and that is why it requires constant care from an early age (regular brushing and grooming).
If left unattended, the coat will get matted and then it is going to be very difficult to comb mats out and the coat will look tangled and messy, and eventually dreadlocks will be formed.
Regular dog ear and ear canal hygiene is also of major importance. Hair growing in the ear canal should be removed about once a month, and a dog ear cleaning solution should be poured once a week.
Today, in the world, there are many manufacturers of high quality care cosmetics and toiletries for dog hair, so it is not difficult to make the right choice. Lagotto’s hair is the breed's trademark. Well-groomed hair says a lot about the dog as well as about the dog owner. The rest is genetics and work.

S. Komlenski

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